Do you want your kids to know where Hong Kong and Monaco are and what makes their cultures different from each other? Are you longing to go to Singapore and Paris? Thirsting for a romance filled, rejuvenating, adventure in foreign lands but just don’t have the time or budget to take one right now?

Me too!

My name is Hannah Chambers. I am the adoring mother of a (very) strong willed child. And an author. As well as a mom-blogger. If you prick me, I bleed ink. When I dream, I dream new worlds and characters. (So long as I don’t pass out from exhaustion and sleep the dreamless sleep of the over-tired-mother.)

I grew up traveling the globe. Literally. Every where from Amsterdam to the Philippines (with a few stops in places like Kenya, India, Hong Kong, and Thailand in between). After studying literature in college before settling down and getting married, I became a successful copy writer and continued to blissfully travel.

Then I had a baby. And as all you mom’s know, no matter how adventurous you are and no matter how determined, daily life just gets a bit more challenging with kids. Let alone traveling! Yet you long for a little spa or European vacation get away more than ever! And you deserve it, too. Which is why I came up with my Nicole Brooks series, (coming this fall!) based on my own travels. Filled with travel, history, unbelievable mystery, and of course, romance. And the intrigue and mystery that I discovered.

As a mother, you also long to instill a love of travel, a knowledge of geography, and a respect (and love) for other cultures into your children, don’t you? While giving your kids something so entertaining they will let you have a moment of serenity with that glass of wine you have been longing for all week? Then check out my (coming soon!) children’s book series.

Of course, along with having a baby came a lot of learning experiences and funny stories. So I started blogging about it. After all, what is a writer supposed to do when she has a strong willed child that she takes to Sri Lanka and Thailand at one year old?!

I am so excited to have you along with me on my interesting (and sometimes messy and challenging) journey through life! We can share favorite parenting secrets, remind each other to stay sane, and indulge in fantastic travel adventures (both real and imaginary!) together.

On that note, I long to hear from you! Please comment away – I promise I’ll reply!

Have a beautiful day!

XoXo ❤