How to Achieve Peaceful Joy AND Realize Your Dreams

How to Achieve Peaceful Joy AND Realize Your Dreams

I remember. That feeling of almost being able to soar into the wide open, brilliant sky above me on an early morning, sunrise-colored walk. How I thrilled to the birds heralding spring in February rather than a couple months later in the year like the other places I had lived. How the “vibe” of my new hometown felt so different…and I loved it.

Have you ever noticed how you feel this way yourself when you move to (or vacation in!) a new spot? How everything is more colorful and packs a more powerful punch on your senses?

Maybe the first cherry blossoms of the season or the first sparkling snow fall can give you this sensation of new-ness and sharpened senses. Maybe you feel this way every day when you wake! (I used to! But more on that later 😉 )

Or maybe you are feeling as I do now: tired, worn out, and unable to thrill to the simple pleasures anymore.

Just this past week I was lying in bed one night looking out my bedroom window at the stars. It was a crystalline kind of a winter night, where the cold air makes the stars twinkle double-time and seem nearly within reach. It was a beautiful, rare moment of peace and quiet where I could just savor the beauty.

And then it hit me.

I used to do this all the time. I used to thrill to every sunrise. Every bird song. Every flower, every changing season, and even every storm. What happened between high school (and then when I moved to Texas some 5 years ago after college graduation)?

I realized, in that moment of reflection, that I have gotten too busy.

Now, I know that we can’t help a certain level of business. After all, we have to work to be able to eat, live in warm and comfortable houses, pay for gas, and even pay for vacations! Then there are clothes, and the experiences we ant to give our children (and enjoy ourselves!). Plus housework, and cooking. Not to mention time with friends. And service projects. And all those great big goals and dreams we talked about over here.

But is achieving more worth enjoying less?

I posit that it is not.

In fact, I think that, no matter how busy you are. No matter what stage of life you are in. You can chose to achieve your dreams AND create the space to thrill to each sunrise and every bird song.

That’s right! I just said you can do the impossible! 😂 Just kidding! I think that achieving this joy in life while moving forward with dreams for your family and your business and your personal life is completely possible…for you and for me!

But how?

I’m glad you asked!

By turning this desire (this dream of ours!) of blissfully savoring small moments of intense beauty and pleasure into a great big dream for your year. And then turning that into a daily intention.

That’s all well and good, you say, but what does this look like in practical steps? After all, I’m way to busy to deal with theoretical stuff right now. My brain is too tired. And plain old theory doesn’t help me, anyways.

Well, if you can take a moment with me, I think we can come up with some practical steps to bring more intense joy and bliss into your life…that are tailored to you (and to me!).

First, reflect back on some of your last intense memories of joy and delight. Was it a meal you ate? A luxurious bubble bath? Time alone with a book? A sunrise? The scent of a rose? (For the sake of this “exercise” we are going to leave out things like our weddings and the birth of our children…since these aren’t every-day occurrences 😂)

For me, my most blissfully intense memories of “daily” occurrences in recent years are of stunning sunrises out my kitchen window watched with a steaming cup of coffee in my hands. The incredible joy that the first flowers of spring bring to me (and the first colorful leaves of fall!). Then I have to go back about – about 5 years – to when I first moved to Texas. Back then, the unique blue of the sky and how incredibly wide it looked to me (moving from the East Coast) thrilled me. How giant the bridges and roads where! (Really, everything IS bigger in Texas! 😝 ) Even the unique, “Texan” look of the tall grasses and wild flowers surrounded by pale rocks in the highway medians thrilled me!

Second, look at your surroundings, and your life, through “outside eyes.” You know what I mean. Like the moment you invite friends over for the weekend and then look at your house and see it in the light that your guests will see it in. All of a sudden, you want to spruce up your table decorations and eliminate the extra keys in the key bowl…and, add more fruit to the fruit bowl… 😂 Now, if you look at the unique and fabulous things that happen each and every day in your life through those same eyes – the sweet good morning hugs from your baby, the blissful first cup of coffee of the day, the feel of hot water beating down on your skin in the shower…you will enjoy so much more joy…joy that is already in your life! Plus, the “outsider view” will also let you see spots in  your life that you would like to change – to fill in or improve or even increase (if it is a good and blissful area of your life like spending time with your family).

Third, add in more intensely blissful moments into your life! Aka, make it a point to savor the morning sunrise with your first cup of coffee – really taking in the colors and the brilliance and the moment. Listen to those birds. Add in more focused “on-the-floor” play time with your daughter (something I got to do, and really worked towards, today)! Let yourself have waffles for breakfast! (Okay…maybe I have been listening to my 2-year-old too much 😝) But, really, let yourself have the little, good, beautiful indulgences each and every day that bring lovely bliss into your life. In fact, seek those moments out! While you still pursue your dreams with your whole heart.

You see…the key is to not lose track of the moment while pursuing the future. Of course, as mompreneurs – as passionate women – we have dreams and plans for our family and ourselves that we are trying to get closer to realizing each and every day. And that is a beautiful, wonderful thing. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of enjoying our family, and our life, right now. It is the beautiful moments right now that keep us refreshed in the passionate and long-term pursuit of our dreams. And it is the beautiful, blissful moments that we experience in each “right now” that make up our life.

So, what memories do you want to have in a year? In this year?

Do you want to look back on this year, in January 2019, and see only business that lead to half achieved goals and failed family connections? Or would you rather smile with the memory of crisp blue skies under which you laughed like a little girl with your own little girl…memories of new adventures tried (camping with a toddler anyone? or taking in a new country…with a toddler?)…on top of achieving great big goals for yourself and your family?

I think we would both agree that we want the later type of memories. Memories where work and family and learning are balanced. Where brilliantly beautiful moments are savored every day (even if the only thing that really got done was savoring those brilliant moments and playing with your kids).

Before I start rambling and talking for way too long…go out there and make some brilliantly blissful memories! Achieve your dreams…including your dream of enjoying more. I just know that you can do it!

Have a beautiful, blissful day! ❤


Hannah ❤

P.S. What is your last, brilliant, blissful little moment that you savored? Please let me know in the comments below! I find it so inspiring to hear how other people are savoring their lives.

P.P.S. If you are feeling extra communicative, please drop me a line and let me know what your great big dreams and the goals that light you up are! I want to make sure that all my blog posts, new fabulous free delights, and my other offerings that are coming soon are really tailored to YOU!


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