One Little Peak at Our Unique Adventures in Austin


What a weekend! And week last week. We just got back on Friday from a weeklong adventure in Austin. And let me tell you, I do mean adventure! 😂

The first day we were there we decided to take our daughter to the zoo. After all, monkeys, tigers, parrots, and farm animals that you can feed sound like perfect adventure material for a toddler, don’t they? Only, it was about 20 degrees that day.

Which meant we definitely got to see some birds! (Sadly, all but two monkeys were keeping warm inside their communal shelter – and I don’t blame them!)

o beautiful female lions stalked us along the edges of their enclosure. And they got more and more agitated the longer they couldn’t get to us. Funny enough, the mountain lions did the same…. I started to get the feeling I was on the top of their favorite foods list…. 😳

Little Miss LOVED the reptile room. Partly because it was warm….. But also because she was just fascinated by the enormous frog and the boa constrictors!

I would definitely recommend the Austin Zoo to anyone traveling to that city with toddlers. Just, maybe go on a warmer day so your sweet Little’s don’t cry to snuggle in a blanket after 20 minutes. (I promise, she actually was appropriately bundled in a winter fleece hat, mittens, boots, and a mini ski coat. All parts of her but, her face, were toasty warm!)

Thankfully, it warmed up quiet a bit on Tuesday and the trend continued through the week. However, my independent toddler didn’t want to go outside if she couldn’t walk around by herself. So Thursday I gave up and we just played contentedly with her new princess castle. (The absolute best $6 we’ve ever spent! She has played non-stop with it, quietly and contentedly, for 5 days now!)

Since our Little Miss is one of the rare children that actually begs togo to fly in planes and to eat at restaurants, she thoroughly enjoyed getting to eat breakfast at the hotel and then eat out every night!

Umhm….that is HER plate of breakfast food. That’s right. She decided she loved smoked salmon this trip! (Lox to be more exact.) 😂

Even if your kids aren’t huge restaurant fans…or you aren’t huge fans of going out to eat with them, I would highly recommend Culinary Dropout to you! There are games – corn hole, foosball – to play, and the happy hour drinks are incredibly priced! Plus, the food and funky atmosphere are both just plane amazing. And the drinks are too. We can’t forget the drinks 😉

(This picture is from our stop at Culinary Dropout this spring as I was too busy having fun to take a picture there last week 😂 )

Of course, since Waco, Texas, (aka the home of the hit show Fixer Upper And the location of Magnolia Market and Bakery) is on the way home from Austin, we just had to make a stop there!

It was tons of fun, as always! And I was able to get loads of inspiration for some more blissfully easy and seasonal decorating. Which I need, as I am shockingly new to this whole decorating thing.

The adventure just continued this weekend when we got home and found that our washer was broken…

Which meant my poor husband had to do hours of research into the new and improved machines….and then we had to run around and finish narrowing the search together.

Thankfully, he was able to find a washer and dryer we both liked that could be picked up at the store! (I didn’t realize you usually have to order them like 3-5 days in advance. Which wasn’t going to cut it with all the laundry our toddler had made last week….)

Doesn’t it look nice in our laundry room now? 🙂

But, I need to jump up and actually finish folding all the laundry we were able to wash last night!

I hope you are having a blissfully adventurous day!


Hannah ❤

P.S. What adventures have you had recently? Drop me a comment below! I promise, I read and respond to everyone! 🙂


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