7 Steps to the Most Dreamy, Passionate, and Successful New Year

7 Steps to the Most Dreamy, Passionate, and Successful New Year


Can you believe that it is January 1st already?! Of 2018?! I can’t! 😂 I know, I know, my gorgeous new planner confirms that it is true. But we were so busy in 2017 that it doesn’t feel like 2017 really lasted for 12 months.

Speaking of 2017…how did last year go for you? Did you achieve all your dreams? Live your most beautiful and blissful life? It was definitely a year of ups and downs…small changes that had big impacts (aka my toddler dropping her nap and all of a sudden me no longer having daily quiet time to work in!)…and just in general too much business. There was a lot of heartache everywhere: floods and fires, deaths of friends, personal health issues…the list could go on!

But today shouldn’t be about what we did or didn’t do last year. Rather, today is all about potential!

So, how do you want to live this year of 2018? Do you really want to live? Pursue your passions and successfully achieve your dreams this year? I know I do! So I have created a 7-step process for myself (after learning A LOT in 2017) to continue to achieve the dreamy life I want for myself and my family.

Will you join me?

1). Identify What You Most Want to Do

Write it all down. Get it out of your head. What would make you happy to accomplish this year? What do you want your life to look like this time next year? What are your big dreams and small wishes for yourself? Your family? Your business?

Some of the things I want to do this year so that my family and I can live a dreamy life are: go camping (since my husband loves camping), take a real family vacation, stick to a 5-day-a-week workout routine (something I have never done before! 😝 ), and move my business away from copy writing entirely so that I can better navigate this no-napping toddler stage.

2). Focus Your Desires

Now, we can’t get everything done that we want to in a year. Especially if you are a mom. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and family always comes first. Which is why we need to develop laser focus! Which means it is time to pick practical goals – one for each quarter. If you are feeling really ambitions, add in one extra goal for a total of 5! What is most important for you to accomplish this year?

3). Expect the Unexpected

And then, since life can never be perfectly planned, (sorry, dedicated planners! I am still struggling with this one myself 😜) it is time to mentally prepare yourself for the unexpected to happen. I have found the best way to do this is to leave room in your yearly plan, in your goals, and in each day for the little craziness and fabulous adventures that come with living life and raising kids and creating. Which means my big goals this year have to realistically reflect all the unexpected things I know will crop up – time to check my over-ambition and make sure it isn’t going to drive me crazy! For example, I am deciding now to be okay with a 10-minute HIIT workout rather than a longer one or doing my yoga in the afternoon when something comes up that “messes with” my ideal schedule.

4). Plan Out Actionable Steps

We can dream all we want, but if we don’t create a plan to achieve our dreams well…they won’t come true! lol So, now it is time to map out just exactly what steps you need to go through to make our dreams a reality. What needs to be accomplished each quarter (each month and week even) to achieve our dreamy goals and pursue our passions?

5). Start Turning Busy-ness Into Bliss

I’m not gonna lie: to achieve our dreams this year we are probably going to be pretty busy from time to time. (Who am I kidding! We moms are always busy!) You can shift your mindset and your to-do list, though, so that your busy-ness becomes blissful! I just wrote a whole blog post about this process here, so check that out if you want to see how I turn my own daily busy-ness with a high-need toddler and a business into bliss!

6). Give Yourself Permission to Make Yourself Happy

As women, and especially Moms, I think we are pretty prone to just get done what needs to get done. To just do the next thing. To push through and make our family’s dreams come true! Don’t get me wrong: I firmly believe this is a great thing! Being self-sacrificing, in my book, is an excellent character trait. However…if you do not replenish your own energy, take care of your health, and just plain rejuvenate yourself…you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. So, keep working for and loving your family! Keep serving! And along the way, give yourself permission to do things that light you up. To rest and just read a book in bed with a glass of wine in the evening! 😏 Take care of yourself so you can keep on taking care of everyone else. A rejuvenated wife and mom and business woman is one that can achieve all her great big passions and dreams this year!

7). Just Do It!

Of course, no matter how much you plan, and no matter how many nice words you say to yourself to get you in the right frame of mind for creating bliss and success in your life…you won’t get any closer to achieving your dreams and creating bliss unless you take action! So, GET STARTED TODAY! Take that first step. Publish that blog post. Complete your workout. Protect your family time. (Three things on my list today 😏 )

I can’t wait for you to have the most blissful, dreamy, successful and adventurous year ever!

We can do this together!


Hannah ❤

P.S. Let me know in the comments below what you are doing today to start creating your dreamy year!


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