How to Turn Crazy Busy-ness Into Beautiful Bliss

How to Turn Crazy Busy-ness Into Beautiful Bliss


Do you long to have a beautiful, serene, blissful life set to the soothing soundtrack of cocktail lounge jazz music? Where everything is always in its place, and everything gets done on time without any scrambling or crazy shifting of schedules…and you get to relax in a pillowy bed with a silky glass of wine surrounded by candles each night? But you feel too busy to ever achieve such a level of dreamy, passion-following living?

I have a secret to share with you…… I feel the same way! Pretty much all the time!

That’s right.

And I also manage to live a blissful life full of adventure…

How? Because one of the “mantras” I live by every day is that:

Busy can be beautiful!

Busy can be blissful.

Busy can be full of sparkle and joy and fun.

Now, before I go any further I want to assure you I am not some crazy, full-sized magical pixi and am able to just sprinkle everything with fairy dust and fly. I have CRAZY busy days almost every day. As much as I know multi tasking is actually counterproductive, sometimes I have to do it (like when I was singing “If Your Happy and You Know It” the other night while cooking dinner, doing dishes, and trying to talk to my husband…). And some days, I do just get plane overwhelmed. But they are able to be few and far between. While about 97% of my busy days now are full of fairy-dust-sprinkled bliss!

And if I can do it, you can definitely do it too.

So, how do we both do it?

The first step is to get clear on big priorities. Are you really busy with the things that matter to you? After all, if you are busy with what matters to you – what lights you up inside and fills you with fulfillment and bliss – then you will be living a blissful and fulfilled life each day! Personally, I try to wake up a couple hours each day before my family so I can plan out my day (and maybe even meditate and work a little before everyone is awake!) and literally see on a page that my day is filled with the priorities that I want it to be filled with. Priorities such as snuggling my toddler and playing with her. Actual face time with my husband. A tidy house (this one is high on my list because it means a lot to my husband and is a way I can show him I love him every day). And then I squeeze in work where I can.

Now, sometimes I can’t always prioritize this way – there are days I have things that just have to get done in my business before the next morning dawns! But I do try to keep those to a minimum.

The next step is to prioritize the actual tasks you and I have to do. What is most important? Most pressing? What is the literal next thing in my business I have to do to grow? The next step in keeping the house clean and getting the laundry done? That way, at the end of the day, I can feel accomplished because I have made progress rather than running around in circles picking up one toy here and getting one random (and not absolutely essential right now) project done. Prioritizing everything by “what is the next step?” means I can actually accomplish things in the limited time I have.  😝

Next, it is time to literally stop and smell the roses. (Or cookies!) To take advantage of the little moments of bliss and adventure that life brings your way. Such as when your toddler says she wants to make cookies and makes up her own recipe (with a little help from mom of course 😉). To throw your plan out the window and just go to the park if thats what needs to be done. To stop in the middle of a sentence of a blog you are writing to snuggle your baby as soon as she wakes up and savor the moment because your family comes before work. And to laugh and do crazy dances in the bathroom to encourage your toddler to potty train! Lol

And, as a #mompreneur, I bring bliss into my busy day by including my toddler in as much of what i need to do as possible. Sure, the laundry might take a lot longer that way….but we get to have fun together while doing it!

Then, after a full and busy day…I try to let go of the stress, read a book, and have a little spa-like bliss in my own home as I reflect on my blissfully busy day….and remind myself it’s okay to not be able to get everything done. Because tomorrow is another day!

So, decide TODAY to turn your own business into bliss! Remember: everything is a choice. You CAN choose to love each day of your life (or at least almost each day! lol) no matter how busy you are! Start today. With one little step – even if it is nothing more than changing your mindset right now, that one step will take you a long way…after all, the way you view your life will change how you live it!

And let me know in the comments below either what your crazy busiest day has been recently OR what you would most like to hear about next from me!

Have a blissful (if busy!) week!


Hannah ❤


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