Just A Peak at Our Impulsive Adventures in Phoenix

Happy Tuesday my fellow communicators, creators, and dreamers!

How is your week going?

So, I really meant to have this blog post to you yesterday! But….I had an entire living room full of toys and a kitchen full of dirty dishes that ended up taking up my precious quiet moments. You know, the whole mom-life thing! I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. Maybe you even had such a day yourself today.

But I digress! Today, I really just want to share a little update about what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks! Especially last week when we took a little trip to Phoenix:






So, while my Little Miss was in the desert for Thanksgiving when she was 5 weeks old….this trip was the first time she really ever got to experience sand and piercing sunlight!





It was definitely quite the experience for her! She just could not understand why everything was spikey and pokey. She loves picking grass and sniffing flowers…but not in Arizona! 😂 In this picture that you see over to the right, she was telling me that the plant was “too big, mommy!” I guess she thought it was overgrown grass… lol! There is never a dull moment with a toddler!




Our flight left Dallas at 6am. 6 AM, friends! It was waaaaay to early for me or Little Miss to be up….since we had to leave the house at 4am. I thought for sure she would fall asleep in the plane and finish off her normal 12 hours. But no. She did not. I told you she was strong willed! 😝 When she gets an idea into her head (such as staying awake so she can eat snack with her babies on her very own tray), she will make sure that it happens one way or the other! I must say, though, she did amazingly for running on so little sleep.



And, no…she did not meet an actually coyote in the desert! Rather, it was her uncle’s very friendly German Shepherd. However, this picture really satisfied my imagination. I mean, doesn’t it look to you like she is a little desert adventurer who has a coyote sidekick?! 😉

This sweet dog thought that Little Miss was his personal playmate and showed her quite a bit of adorable affection. This affection included giving me the stink eye when she was fussing about a diaper change. I guess I was less popular with him than my daughter was!

As a side note, it is pretty amazing how even animals crave connection, isn’t it? Their loyalties and love run deep, and there isn’t much you can do about it. I’m just glad my own pups connected with me! It’s comforting to know that my family and I always have their loyalty and affection.

But, I digress! And…I should probably finish up this update post since I know you are just as crazy busy as I am! I promise, I just wanted to bring a little smile to your face today and further our own connection with some authentic communication. 😊




Before I go, just one last picture! (This is what happens when you realize you don’t have any pictures of you on your trip and you leave the next day….selfie time 😂 )






Okay, I promise! This is really the last picture. I just can’t help myself – I find the desert so beautiful in its own dry, barren, muted way. I think it is because of the contrast between sharp mountains, brilliant blue sky, and flat, muted landscape.

Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous week! Where are you headed on your next adventure? I want to know!



Hannah 💖



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