How to Easily Create the Perfect Serenity Spot

Oh, this is such a busy time of year! School is in session for all those of you who are moms of school-aged children (and for those of you who are like me and have toddlers, maybe preschool is in session too!). 

On a more personal level my 2-year-old has dropped her naps, which means I have WAY less time to work! And then there is Thanksgiving, which I am hosting for the first time this year. :O 

With all this craziness, serenity seems to go out the window. Or down the drain. At least for me. 
What about you? Do you feel like you need a does of serenity right now? A little bit of space to breathe away from the sticky hands of toddlers and their loving (and clingy!) arms? 
That is exactly how I feel too. Funny how that is, isn’t it? 😉 
Which is why I decided to create my own personal serenity space!

Nice, right? 
My problem when I started was that we don’t have any extra space in our house. In fact, I don’t even have an actual office. (Just a lovely desk…in the hallway.) Now, I’m not complaining about that. Sure, I would love to have an office, but it can wait a little bit longer. What I NEEDED was a little “serenity space”. And now. So I got creative. 
Do you feel like you don’t have the space to create your much-needed serenity space? Then, let me give you a little inspiration if I may! For, I can guarantee you have more space than you thought 😉  
Sure, I dont have an extra room to create my serenity space…but I don’t need it! After all, with extra space just comes more places I need to clean and more time that is taken up with busy-ness. 😛 Instead, I made the most of a space I already have…and made it rejuvenating for me! I’m sure you’ve guessed the space I’ve touched with serenity, right? Of course! It’s my bedroom. Specifically my bed. Which for me is perfect. After all, what space should be more serene than the space you unwind in at night and rest up for the day ahead? 
You have to pick the space that works best for you, though: a special corner of the living room, your bathroom, your bed… And then add a few calming touches. While certain colors and other touches are going to personally please you more than others, there are a few universal serenity-enhancing things you can do. Here are the three I used to create my own cozy, calm space to unwind (and indulge in a book!) in:

1. Pick a calming color

Greens and blues are proven to decrease your stress. Personally, I love to combine them both and decorate with a greenish-blue hue…as well as just any light-ish shade of blue. Which is why I have blue sheets on my bed 😉 

2. Clear clutter

Just personal experience (as well as stats!) leads us all to conclude that clutter is jarring to the nerves. Stacks of paperwork. Piles of laundry. Charger cords tangled everywhere. These are all visible to-do list reminders. Which is not something you need in your personal serenity-getaway space! So clear out the clutter, the paperwork, the laundry… And also remove the extra pair of glasses, a few of the 8-10 books stacked beside your bed, the hand creams, etc. 

3. Add softness 

The final step to take is to add in a few things. I know, I know, I just said you have to remove clutter! But I am talking about adding in only a couple beautiful items. Such as a soft chenille throw in a calming color. A few throw pillows. Some candles. (The flickering of candlelight produces a soft and relaxing light, especially in the evening when you want to avoid blue light to increase your melatonin production so you can relax and sleep.) 

Now it is time to enjoy, soak up serenity, and read a book! (Or write 😉 ) 
Please let me know in the comments below how you create your own serenity space! I am so excited to see them 🙂
Have a beautiful (and serene!) day! 
Hannah ❤


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