#1 Way to Make Your Crazy Summer Amazing!

#1 Way to Make Your Crazy Summer Amazing!

Yay! It’s summer time! Didn’t you always love summer as a kid? I know I did. I was out of school, the days were long, I got to stay up late, and all I did was play hard outside or read for hours upon end indoors depending on if friends were willing to play with me or not. (Yes, my daughter gets her extroverted side from me. You never would have guessed, would you? 😉 ) I’m sure your favorite summer memories are somewhat similar. Innocent. Fun-filled. Carefree.

Does summer mean the same to you now? Probably not. At least not entirely. Instead of the summer vacation and long afternoons of my childhood, summer is now filled with trying to keep an active (and heat hating!) toddler happy and cool. While staying cool myself. And editing a book while starting on two others. On top of nannying for 40+ hours a week (this year only!). Yeah…not quite carefree anymore.

I’m sure your summer schedule looks the same.

We both fall into our respective beds at night too tired to even relax before bed. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you do if you have an SWC (strong willed child) like I do! And when nap time rolls around on a Friday you think right along with me that you really need a very dry martini with three blue cheese stuffed olives and a vacation.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my SWC toddler! Little E is my most precious companion and we have so much fun together. But we just piled way too much on our plates this summer. And commitments to other people are one thing I try to never back out of. (Other business decisions can be tweaked and creatively turned, but more on that another time.)

Do you have a tendency to take on too much, too? Do you have a hard time saying no? And then find you can’t take that longed for summer vacation because your schedule is just too tight and too hectic? Welcome to the club!

This year I am panting for a summer vacation (literally, some days, with the rising temperatures!), especially since one of my three jobs this summer is blogging for vacation rental companies. As I tell people exactly why they need a vacation, I persuade myself right along with my audience. It is a workplace hazard I never saw coming when I took the job. 😛

Of course, with my crazy schedule there is no way I can take a true summer vacation (though we have a fabulous fall one planned!). But I definitely need a break. I’m sure you do too, my overachiever, people pleaser, go-getter friend! So what are we to do? Today as I asked myself that question a grand idea popped into my head: let’s have a mom-staycation!

What in the world is that? Well, it is something I made up. lol! But in all seriousness, why not? Why can’t we take a weekend in the midst of our busy schedules to do nothing but relax. Unwind. Destress. Sleep. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? To do nothing but spend time with our families doing fun things?

After all, that is what we work so hard for…

And with a little bit of planning we can both take a mini vacation at home! So get French with me and commit to finding enjoyment in the midst of the craziness. Take a weekend with me! And just escape into the peace of your own home and family. Of course, like I said, this will take a little prep-work before the weekend. To help us both along, I made a quick check list (which I am sharing with you below!) to help us both keep laundry and housework and errands out of our weekend and put fun into it. And while it is my crazy goal to have a mini mom-staycation every weekend, I know that won’t happen. But maybe every other weekend! Or at least both weekends during my two weeks off from nannying in July… But I digress – here is the list I promised!

  • Do the laundry in the evenings
  • Clean the bathrooms on Thursday and Friday (depending on how many you have – that way they are clean for your mom-staycation weekend and you can truly breath easily)
  • Have the grocery shopping done earlier in the week (it will only take an extra half hour on your way home from work…or an hour and a half of time in the middle of the week if you work from home)
  • Plan simple, easy to cook, yet beautiful meals (don’t use up all that lovely free time in the kitchen during your staycation, no matter how much you love cooking!)
  • Regulate your to-do list so that you can end your work for the week before dinner on Friday night (ideally by 6…but we all know how “easy” it is to schedule life)
  • Go to bed early on Friday (sleeping all day is rather a sad way to spend your mom-staycation)
  • Sleep in (after all, you do need lots of sleep!)
  • Spend lots of quality family time
  • Get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of nature!
  • Pour yourself a glass of white wine at 3 o’clock in the afternoon because you can, and you deserve it
  • Take a warm, luxurious, candlelit bath
  • Read a good book (I have one in mind, and it happens to literally have my name on it 😉 You can read it later this year when it comes out!)
  • Don’t think about work! (this might be the hardest task of all)

Pledge with me in the comments below to at least one mini mom-staycation this summer! We can be accountability partners. (It really helps, with any goal!) And please also let me know what fun ideas you have for making the most of your relaxing weekend. I am always on the hunt for creative tips!

Have a beautiful day and fabulous mom-staycation ❤




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