A Peek-Into-My-World: June Edition

It’s such a beautiful day out – even though it’s five o’clock in the morning. I know,you aer going to gasp in horror at the early hour I’m working on this. Don’t – it’s my new normal for the summer. More on that later. But, seriously, the sunrises! My daughter’s bedtime is at sunset now, so I don’t get to catch many of those. But I certainly am savoring my sunrises!

The past month has been busy. And full of changes. Good changes though! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I finished my book last month! 


That’s right. I now have the first draft of the first novel in my newest series completed! To celebrate, I took a little vacation to San Antonio/Austin with my husband and daughter. It was fabulous to get to just kick back, relax, and unwind. We got to walk around the River Walk once again in San Antonio – E loved the ducks in the river, and all the other kids she saw out and about on Memorial Day. It was just too adorable how she would shout “duck!” and “baby!” in her excitement to have them notice her too. Our hotel in San Antonio was delightfully historic, with a speakeasy themed bar from the 30s. I definitely got some creative inspiration while there…

Down in Austin we stayed in this fabulous shopping center. (I know, a hotel in a shopping center?! But it’s really a thing. We have one near us, too. I guess it’s like having a hotel in a nice international airport.) Which again E loved because they had all kinds of little spaces outside designed especially to spark kids imagination. Such as a giant armadillo statue that she kept calling a dog.


On our drive back home we stopped at Magnolia Farms! It was just as beautiful as their show (you’ve heard of Fixer Upper, right?). I was enjoying myself so much, I forgot to take pictures till right at the end! :O The Adorable photo of E surrounded by giant mushrooms (see above) is from there. At least I soaked up a lot of decorating inspiration!

It is so important to celebrate your wins in life and business! It’s rejuvenating and motivating, for sure. And just fun 😉

Right as we got back, I started nannying again (just for the summer!) for a family I had worked with before my own daughter was born. Last week was E’s and my first week and so far she seemed to have a blast! Which should make this summer a blessing for our whole family. (Wondering why? Then check out the new SWC series of blog posts that I have started.) I am hoping that E will learn a lot of things over the summer, following these big kids around all day. She’s already learned how to navigate stairs safely (we don’t have any at home in this house) and how to be much more gentle. All of which are very good things.

But, I really need to run and get ready to leave to watch four energetic kids all day – wish me luck! And, if you would like weekly personal updates from me, as well as my newest blog posts delivered right to your inbox click here. Then please head on over below and let me know what you are up to during this beautiful beginning of summer! (And what you might like to see me write about…)

Have a beautiful Monday!

XoXo ❤



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