Are You Delighted With How You Show Up?

Are You Delighted With How You Show Up?

I love my maids! Don’t you? What, you don’t have maids? Think again! I bet I can even get their names right on the first try. Are you ready? Here goes: Ms. Washing-machine and Ms. Dishwasher.

Aren’t they amazing? I’ve already done two loads of laundry before finishing my first bullet proof double-espresso
at 7:30 in the morning. My thoughtful husband just adIMG_8337ded another helpful maid to our household! For Mother’s Day he gave me a Roomba. And I’m in love! Because with two dogs (and one who sheds white hair EVERYWHERE in our dark-floored house) I have to vacuum at least once a day. More if we are having anyone over.

As soon as I opened the box I was immediately overwhelmed with tingly delight at the thought of all the time I could save each day and actually put towards things that mean something to me, like my family and my creative work. Of course, I knew I had to be careful to not let mindless (and less important) to-dos quietly take over this beautiful new free time. But so far I have definitely noticed an uptick in time I get to spend with my family every evening.

Which gets me to the point I wanted to make: Are you satisfied with how you are showing up for your family?

Because even if you work away from the house instead of doing the #mompreneur thing, we women have a hard time compartmentalizing. Which means we end up always being on. For everyone and everything. And if you work from home and, like me, have an SWC (strong willed child), you feel like a bad mom AND a bad writer (or artist, or life coach…) because you are constantly having to devide your attention between both roles in your life. Unless it’s naptime of course. And then you get two blissful hours to get all that gorgeous creating done.

So, let me ask us both again: are we satisfied with how we are showing up for our family? After all, we’re working and keeping a beautiful home primarily for them, am I right? Or do you find yourself saying “let me get_____done and then I can play with you” over and over again till you have like an hour left before naptime, or bedtime?

You do? Then would you like to join me in outsourcing and eliminating some tasks and chores from our to-do lists? Yay! Since you want to join me, let me share with you my top 3 ways I outsource and eliminate without spending the big bucks and while being a mompreneur with an SWC toddler:

Use Those Maids

I find that just calling my washer/dryer and my Roomba maids both feels luxurious and helps remind me to budget my saved time rather than fritter it away on social media or tv or something.

Maybe using your maids doesn’t come in the form of going out and getting a new Roomba. Instead, maybe it looks like using your crockpot most nights, even in the summer. (Another trick I’m going to pull out of my sleeve next week!) Or making certain to only use dishes during the week that you can put in the dishwasher. Pay a little extra to get your car washed while you work on emails or type up that next blog post instead of doing it yourself. Even get one of those lovely bathroom or kitchen cleaners that cuts through grime on it’s own, letting you just wipe up the mess. (FYI: hydrogen peroxide does just as good a job at dissolving grease and soap scum, for a fraction of the cost, though you do still need Comet or something else to scrub your shower with.)

Even in business you can use a “maid,” using MailChip to send out and automate certain emails, such as the welcome email for your website. Personally, MailChip and IFITT are as far as I’ve branched into the automation department. And I’m yet to hire a VA (virtual assistant), as that isn’t in the plan for this year. But maybe you are at the stage where you can hire a VA!

In other words let’s use our modern conveniences to make our hectic modern lives more peaceful and beautiful!

Accept Help

This might seem almost too simple a tip to put into a blog post. And I agree, it should be. So simple for us, that is, that we don’t need to be reminded about it. I find, though, that I at least have a really hard time accepting help. Oh, sure, I’m more than happy to ask my husband to help me unload the groceries from the car. But when he offers to cook dinner when I’m crazy busy (read: our toddler doesn’t nap and I still have work deadlines!) I feel guilty accepting his offer and often find myself saying, “Oh, that’s okay. I can do it.” Thankfully he knows me better than to accept that answer now!

The beautiful dinner my husband made for me after the last time I told him “Oh, I can make dinner” when I’d already had a crazy day. He’s the best!

If I find it hard to accept help from my husband, you can only imagine how hard I find it to accept help from others. Asking a friend to babysit even for a night out is a rare occurrence…. When someone offers to bring something over to a dinner party, I’m more likely to say “Oh, don’t worry about it!” than to accept the genuine offer of help. Which isn’t an admirable quality, actually. Because just as you want to do everything yourself while helping those around you, I can guarantee you that you have friends and family that actually want to help you! They want to see you succeed. To see you happy! In fact, it makes them happy to help you. 

When was the last time some offered to help you? Did you accept it? I just threw a surprise party for my husband’s 30th birthday, and had a very hard time accepting people’s offers to bring things over, or even accept my sister-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s offers to help prepare the food and set up the table! Seriously, this is something I really need to work on. Can you purpose with me to, the next time some offers to do something for you, just say “thank you, that would be lovely”?


Now that we both have an idea of how we can outsource some of our tasks and to-dos that are weighing us down, without spending a ton of money, let’s talk about prioritizing. Because if you are like me, you probably still have way too many things on your to-do list since you are trying to be superwoman and be everything to everyone and do, well, everything! So let’s take a moment and decide what is most important to us. Probably your core values, and then your family, right? And then, at least for me, my house and my business end up being tied. 😛 Though my husband probably wants the house to come first…I should probably work on that. haha…anyways…

Do our lists reflect our priorities? What do you focus on the most during the day. Probably the things that are actually last on your priority list, right? Like housework and work. Which is all fine and good – after all, we have to show up well for work so we can make money, and the house won’t clean itself. Just so long as we make sure they don’t crowd out our top priorities. (hint, hint – use those maids!) Put the tasks that fall under your top priorities at the front of your to-list and do them first during the day. Or, if that’s not possible, block off at least two hours in the evening to be able to do things such as sit on the floor and play with your SWC. Even better, use both methods of prioritizing. Then eliminate a few of the tasks that fall low on your prioritized list, or at least move them to a different day or week. But I won’t go into this topic any more in this post. I’ve already written about it in a few other posts. Such as this one.

But, it’s time for me to go and cross a few more things off of my prioritized list! First, though, can I hear from you? After all, I’m always looking for more tips and tricks myself. How do you outsource and eliminate so that you are happy with how you show up for your family?


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