Would You Like to Know a Little Secret About Me?

Would You Like to Know a Little Secret About Me?

You probably don’t know this about me, but I have an SWC. No, it’s not a disease or a virus! Rather, SWC stands for “strong willed child”. And I certainly have one of those. From the moment she was born she has had a mind of her own: from staying awake the entire time we were out, even if it was five or six hours at a time, by the age of six weeks old to persisting in her love of Pooh so adamantly as to refuse all lullabies that didn’t mention Pooh. (And so, of course, I had to make one up for her.)

Do you have a strong willed child? Then you know that they aren’t more naughty per se than another child just because of their temperament. Nor are they simply cranky, squirmy bundles that constantly yell “no” all the time. Though the cashier at Trader Joe’s might think otherwise. We partners of strong willed children know that they are determined in both a challenging and a beautiful way. If a strong willed child wants something, they will work till they achieve that goal. Which is why they writhe to get down and walk out of the store at at a year and a half, and no matter what you do you can’t keep them from the beginning stages of a tantrum. And it is also why they will nearly trip you up, standing right in front of you with their arms outstretched asking for a “hug, hug!” There persistence can be incredibly endearing and a great benefit to them as they get older. And it can be the cause of many embarrassing moments and even tears as a mother.

I get it. Like I said. I have a strong willed child. Just today, we were at the park to close out our crazy work day and she was happily swinging with her Pooh. (And, yes, this first pictures if from a few weeks ago 😛 )


And then she kept getting frustrated, saying “wee” (her word for swings) and “Pooh”. While looking at the empty baby swing beside her. Which was when I realized what she wanted was for Pooh to swing next to her. For the next half hour she would tell me when Pooh needed to be pushed.


Did you notice I used a sweet and charming example of my child’s strong will? Because I have something important I want to tell you. It’s the purpose of this entire post.

A strong wild child is a beautiful thing.

There. I said it.

Having a strong willed child doesn’t have to mean endless tantrums and discipline struggles. (Though there will probably be some of that.) Instead, having a strong willed child means that they will never be bossed around, will always stand up against bullies, and will one day change the world.

I want to tell you that you are a good parent, even if you child crossed you at every turn today.

And I want to encourage you, exhausted Mom of a strong willed child, that you can still be a successful entrepreneur, have adventure, and live a full and beautiful life. With your strong willed child alongside of you.

Because everything you see me do and I tell you I accomplish and implement? I do it with (and sometimes because of!) my strong willed child. In fact, I have become more intentional and more mindful since having my daughter. I’ve even become more productive. As weird as that sounds. Because time is SUCH a precious commodity now. (Hint: prioritizing plays a big key in how I maximize my time and actually get more done than before my daughter was born.)

Come journey with me and see how you can, too, have a beautiful, adventure filled life along with your own SWC. I’m going to try to have a post up here at least once a month now just for us mothers of SWCs. Because we need encouragement, laughter, and all the tips and tricks we can get!

It’s amazing how many more people than you think have strong willed children. Please leave me a comment below with stories about your own strong willed child! It’s so much fun to share 😉

Until next time! ❤


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