One Beautiful Moment In Time: Dublin

One Beautiful Moment In Time_ Dublin


The wind whistled as it whipped around the nearly 1,000-year-old squat stone building. For it only being two in the morning, it was surprisingly quiet in the back street. Too quiet. Where were the drunk patrons stumbling out of the bar as they bawdily sang along to the rousing tune that streamed out through the cracks around the door? Somewhere a muffled tune did ring out in the middle of the night, attesting to at least one dedicated drinker heading home, but they were too far away, and most likely too drunk, to provide much of a distraction to N’s stalker. Where was M when she needed him, anyways? Not walking the eerie, echoing cobble-stone streets with her, that much was for sure. Granted, it really wasn’t his fault at all that he wasn’t there, since she foolishly hadn’t bothered to mention to him that she was headed out to meet with… 

Right now my characters and I are in Dublin, Ireland! Okay, I am just there vicariously at the moment through the main characters in my next novel. But that still counts, right?

I know I have been dropping hints about my new mystery series that I long to have out soon, but since you haven’t seen any proof of it, you might be beginning to doubt me. So I thought I would start to bring you along my writing journey with me! This post is the start to a series of monthly posts detailing where my characters are at and (possibly even!) what they are up to. For the moment, we are just going to call them N and M, because of course I can’t give too much away now, can I? Oh, I suppose I can let you know that N is female and a writer, while M is male and in law enforcement.

Have you ever been to Dublin? It’s a gorgeous place! Full of history, cobblestone streets, nipping winds (in the fall at least) and children. That’s right – one of the things that stood out most to me when I was in Dublin last was just how many children where out and about during the day. Mostly young children, though they looked as if they could have been in grade school. I don’t know if their mothers were the ones pushing them around in their strollers and helping them across cross-walks, or if it was their nannies, but I thought it a charming sight.

One of my favorite memories from Dublin (and one that you might recognize when you read my book!) has nothing to do with children though, or Guinness – something else you see a lot of in that grand old city. On our second day meandering through the winding streets and brilliantly green parks of Dublin, my husband and I were rather tired, and cold. Since we have come to adore espresso at home over the past four years but were only drinking tea in Ireland (Nescafé is just gross when you are used to espresso, or any kind of good coffee), we couldn’t pass up a chalkboard sign outside of an all-glass hotel bar that advertised espresso. So we opened the chrome-handled glass door to warm, aromatic bliss. There we sat, cushioned in comfort with news of the Ebola crisis of 2014 breaking on the TV. While we were tucked in a corner (an optimal people watching position) there was a woman in her sixties with grey, bobbed hair reading a newspaper next to the wall of windows. People came and went past that living screen that she sat by. Old women hunched over, their walkers loaded down with groceries and their hair tied up in scarves. Tourists. The odd 20-something business woman and man in their power suits. And through it all the cathedral just out of sight tantalized my imagination.

Ah, memories! They are the secret wealth a writer holds just behind their pen. Memories transformed by words become stories which take someone new on an adventure unparalleled.

What memories are you making today? Right now is the time to savor the moment long enough to make some!

Let me know what you think the perfect setting for a mystery/adventure novel is below in the comments! I’m always open to suggestions…


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