How to Fuel Your Inspiration With Spring

How to Fuel Your Inspiration With Spring

You wake up before the first morning light. A sliver of moon amidst the brilliant stars outside of your bedroom window beckons you to throw back the covers and pad over in the sweet silence to the window to see if you can see the rest of that smooth orb. Your mind is so full of exciting ideas, plot lines, and project inspiration that you are fully awake before you even turn the espresso maker on. Moments later, with the clarity that a shot of espresso inevitably brings, you sit down for a few moments of quiet before throwing yourself without abandon into the exciting (and also the sometimes mundane) work ahead of you.

Would you believe me if I told you the scenario above could be yours, every morning? Okay, maybe the part about not needing coffee is a slight exaggeration, but definitely not the part about being filled with creative inspiration and excitement for the day to come.

Do you even remember when the last time was that you were so filled with ideas you just had to jump out of bed and get started on them? No? Then we need to remedy that today! Spring, with all of the color, the growth, the new birth of life, is the perfect time to get your creative sap warmed up and flowing again. Don’t believe me still? Try out these 7 steps below and see what happens.

Go to Bed and Wake Up Early

I know, I know, you’ve heard this before. Trust me, I have too. In fact, in college I used to wake up extremely early out of necessity. Then I graduated and got married, and sleeping in was soooo nice I let my good habits laps. And then we had a baby. Who is mommy’s little girl all day long. Since I work from home, my only moments alone are during my yoga classes and when she asleep. Which means waking up before my daughter (who will “sleep in” until 7:15…) is a must! I have found, waking up before the sun this spring so I can organize my day and soak up a little quiet, that getting to watch the sunrise in blissful quiet fills me with inspiration. My brain, after a little quiet and coffee to help sort itself out, becomes a veritable storm of ideas and energy!

Of course, to keep up with my energetic daughter, and to feel good while waking up before 6:00am, I have to go to bed early. It is no trial to do so, though, (at least when my husband is home) because I am always exhausted in the evenings.

Since waking up early for quiet and alone time (and going to bed early so I have enough energy for the next day), I have found much more peace, patience, and even more organization! (And I was already pretty organized…) What might you be able to achieve if you wake up even an hour earlier? You just might surprise yourself!

Watch a Sunrise

Have you watched a sunrise recently? The almost-black night sky lightening to a shimmering light blue as gold licks its way over the horizon, coloring any clouds with brilliant oranges and pinks? I found the sight of such overpowering yet fleeting beauty fills me with excitement and inspiration for the coming day. It fills me with a desire to bring such beauty into my family’s hearts…into my readers’ hearts. Spring sunrises are especially inspiring since the season’s plethora of heart stopping blooms reflects that early-morning color all day long.

Get Outside

You can’t take in the profuse, natural beauty of spring unless you get outside in it! Plus, there is something about the soft yet cool spring breeze that carries the scent of the first mown grass of the season that is surprisingly invigorating. Stimulating. You can feel your creativity budding out as quickly as the new March leaves in Texas.

Sit in a Garden

Exercise and fresh air, with all the endorphins you release and all the oxygen that feeds your brain is excellent for a quick creative boost. But sometimes you just need time to process your ideas – to quietly soak in inspiration, really mulling over your thoughts. Time to just gaze at beauty. Especially in spring, that means you need to head to a garden! Do you have a garden of your own? Or an arboretum nearby? Take advantage of the riotous beauty. Don’t be surprised when you find  your own ideas bursting into bloom like the roses in front of you.

Be Active

Walking on a regular basis promotes new connections between brain cells which means that you can only have (and act on) more and more creative ideas! Read more about the mental and creative benefits of walking in this article in the New Yorker. Plus, as a mom, getting out and taking a walk with your child in the stroller might provide you with some much needed quiet to think.

Catch a Sunset

It is so easy to have an excellent, productive, inspiration filled day and then reach the evening and feel like you’ve earned the right to put your feet up. And you have earned that right. But you don’t have to be lazy and undo all of your work towards filling your life with greater inspiration! Instead of staying inside, get outside and fill your evening with creative inspiration! Take a walk after dinner – catch a sunset! Sunsets are a beautiful way to end your day. Just as a sunrise in the morning fuels you as a result of its brilliance of beauty, a sunset closes your day with the same brilliant beauty, filling you with even more creative ideas that will be waiting for you tomorrow when you are ready to use them.

Also, watching a sunset has a way of helping you to reflect gratefully on the day you just completed. And feeling good about your creative day will make having such a day tomorrow just that much easier!

Keep a Notebook

Now this one is a no-brainer. If you’re going to live your life, live every day, searching for creative inspiration to make your life and your work more beautiful then you’re going to want to record all of that inspiration so it doesn’t get away from you. To do this, you need to keep a notebook by your side all the time! Or, if you’re on the go too much and have too little space to keep an actual notebook with you just make use of one of the easy note taking apps on your phone, such as Notes or something else that you might prefer. Personally, though, I recommend when at all possible using an actual notebook and writing out your thoughts with a pen. There’s just something about the act that makes your ideas flow better, congealing in your mind before you get them on the paper, which will make them more useful to you in the future.

Are you ready to use the natural creative advantages that spring brings to create a better, more beautiful life and to get more done this spring of 2017 then ever before?! You are? Wonderful! Then click this link here to receive my weekly newsletter, which will be your weekly dose of inspiration to keep you going on your creative journey.


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