Disneyland or Bust

Wow! I just popped on here because I knew it had been ages since I had posted anything, but I didn’t realize just how long it had actually been. I hate that I have been absent for so long – I promise, I really tried to get to my blog. Sadly, my daughter and I got that two-week long cold in the middle of February and were barely recovered enough to go to California at the end of February. (More on that later!) Then, last weekend, I got the stomach flu. And my daughter got the stomach flu two days later. And then my husband got it too.

I hope I can say now that our family is done with sickness for at least the entire year!

Enough moaning and complaining from me, though. I started out catching you up with my last month and a half, so let’s continue!

My sweet husband planned a trip to LA for my birthday – wasn’t that lovely? We had a grand time, getting in on the 24th and heading on to more adventure on the 26th. What we didn’t realize about that weekend until we arrived was that the Oscars were going on at the same time. You can imagine how busy the area was! So we spent most of our time in Santa Monica rather than Hollywood.


We stayed in the gorgeous Intercontinental in Beverly Hills – there are definitely some perks to my husband having so many business trips.

We had perfect weather for the beach!


Granted, it was a little chilly, so we had to pop into a hipster bar and eatery for a little something to warm us up.


I do so love beautiful cocktails!


Elaina did really well on our whole trip.

I thought it was rather fun that our hotel room looked into Fox’s studios.


On Sunday we drove down from LA to Disneyland! My husband had some company meetings there and we got to accompany him, which was quite a treat. Elaina had a blast, and I had a grand time getting to help her experience everything.


Our hotel had a little lounge area with classic Disney cartoons running for their tiny guests.


Elaina absolutely adored all of the music, as well as the carousel and “It’s a Small World.” We walked miles upon miles every day, Elaina happily eating a croissant or muffin in her stroller while snuggling her Minnie Mouse and Elena doll and taking in the sights.

Now that we are back home, Elaina is only happy if she gets to go on an adventure every day, even if it is only going to the grocery store. I see lots of creative scheduling in our future, between little miss and my work schedule in the upcoming month.

Talking about work, I should get back to my new novel I’m working on that I have had to set aside with all the travel we’ve had this month. Until next week, then! In the meantime, if you would like to receive weekly peeks into my life along with convenient reminders when I have a new blog post, sign up for my newsletter here.


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