Do You Long For Breathtaking Romance Every Day?


The sun dips below the horizon, filling the entire canyon with brilliant reds, pinks, and oranges, melding into a gorgeous impressionist painting. A man who adores you leans over and whispers in your ear that you are more beautiful than this view or any other he has seen.

Your husband whisks you off to Paris for a dream vacation. You take in Paris, soaking up the history, the art, and the culture. And of course the food! Then you travel to Provence and to Alsace. Lavender. Wine. Bread. Cheese. Sunshine. Breezes. It’s a dream come true, and it was all a surprise for your 30 birthday.

After a long, hard day on your feet all day running errands, completing work contracts, working on your own business, playing with a teething 1-year old who wants all your attention and who also wants to get into all of the cleaning supplies you are trying to use on the bathrooms you are exhausted. After making dinner, you are almost too tired to get up to do the dishes, much less finish cleaning the floors and playing with your daughter before bathing her. Your husband, however, does all of that for you. And lets you soak in a sweetly scented bubble bath with your favorite book and glass of red wine.

Wouldn’t you like to have breathtaking romance in your life? Real romance that seems to spring out of nowhere and fulfills a dream you have seated deep within you?

Would you believe me if I told you that every day could be a romantic adventure? That every day could thrill you; that you could have your dreams fulfilled?

You’ll probably believe me even less when I tell you that you can create this romantic adventure that you long for every day. So long, of course, as your partner doesn’t hate you and doesn’t hate romance. (And, seriously, who does that describe…?)

Please don’t think I’m crazy! I promise I’m not pulling your chain.

Let’s Define Adventure

Quite a lot can be defined as adventure, if you think about it. Hiking Everest. Trying durian (or just smelling it…it is like putting your head in a rotting garbage can that is next to a pig farm. The taste isn’t nearly as bad as the smell, but I’ve still never quite taken to it.). Even going to the store can be an adventure, especially if you are a 1-year-old or the parent of a 1-year-old.

So, what kind of adventure are we talking about here? We are talking, or at least I am talking, about looking for new, different, exciting things to experience with the love of your life. Whether that is finding a new sushi place to try out or taking in an entirely new country. If we use our imaginations we can find an unlimited source of adventure amongst the daily things we do, and amongst our dreams and the dreams of our love.

Daily Adventure

You dream of having breathtaking romance every day in your life, right? Well, in order to have that we must daily infuse our life (especially our romantic life) with excitement and adventure. Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting that we must all pack up and go live in Paris if we want to have an adventurous and romantic life (as much as I would love to be in Paris more often…). Instead, I am talking about daily using our imaginations to turn something potentially mundane into something exciting.

You have to make dinner every night, right? Or at least you have to eat dinner. Why not try a new recipe or a new restaurant once a week? Bring home a new fruit or new variety of produce, or a new condiment, that you and your spouse have never tried before. Then, try it together! On a rare, warm and gorgeous winter evening when your husband is out grilling, take a drink out to him, let your kids play in the driveway or garage, and just relish in a few moments of conversation. Pick up flowers for yourself and create a romantic table setting in the middle of the week, with a special meal and music on…while the TV is off. Have an impromptu dance party while making breakfast one morning!

The idea here is to do something unexpected. Different. Even if the act is as small and simple as bringing your husband coffee in bed in the morning. I will guarantee you that he will smile a lot more afterwards, at you and everyone else, which makes for a more romantic day.

Use your imagination to look at the daily, maybe even mundane, tasks that you must perform and use them as a vehicle for adventure and romance. Such as including a note with that breakfast or coffee your husband takes out the door. Or with lunch if he works from home. If you take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary, you will have an unlimited supply of daily adventures for you and the love of your life to indulge in.

The key is keeping your eyes open and your creativity active.

Make Sure You Get Even More Adventurous

On top of all that lovely daily adventure, there is definitely a time and a place for some grander adventure. Does your husband like rock climbing and camping? Then look into a rock climbing gym you can go to once a month or so, and plan a once a year camping trip. Take a trip into your husband’s world of interests to connect with him on a deeper level. Do you love art and music? Take your husband on a wine and painting date.  Indulge in a spontaneous night with the orchestra or at a concert. Bring your husband into your world (just don’t force him into it!).

Travel together – there really is no greater adventure than traveling together! This grand adventure you have together – the memories you make and things you learn together – will help make each little daily adventure all the more wonderful.

So, do you long for days filled with romantic adventure? Then take action! Make each day better than your wildest dreams!

I would love to know how you turn each day into a romantic adventure! Please, please, please leave a comment below! I would love to start a conversation with you.


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