Peek-Into-My-Life: What a Jump Into the New Year

How is your year going so far? I know, I know, we’re only one month into 2017 so far. Still, after just one month it is all too easy for those goals we were so excited for in December to become….well…..boring. Too hard to achieve. Or, on the flip side, we might be jumping over all the obstacles in our way, leaping towards the goals we are keeping in sight.

Are you still keeping your goals in your line of sight? Are you enjoying your journey towards those goals? After all, each day is what makes up the sun total of our life. It’s not just the big moments, big wins, and big pleasures that matter. Every little thing we do creates the life we ultimately live.

So far, it’s been quite the start to my year. Just a few weeks ago my daughter said her first sentence! “Come here Daddy.”

I was planning on being able to finish my daughter’s room, along with refinishing some dining room chairs. However, a sad event got in the way of my planned projects. 

Just over a week ago, my husband and daughter and I returned from a trip out to Elko, Nevada, (don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it, as it is rather in the middle of no where) via Salt Lake. It was so delightful to get to see snow once again! And mountains.


The reason for our visit, though, was not a happy one as it was for my maternal grandmother’s funeral. However, it was a privilege to get to celebrate her life with all of her loving progeny. She was an incredible woman, full of life and full of love. Sadly, I don’t have a ton of memories of her before her dementia began to creep up on her. Mostly, I remember her giving me grapefruit to eat that had been peeled like an orange (don’t try it that way…) and her giving me and my cousins orange juice popsicles in the hot Californian. What is memorable about the popsicles is that they were made in a plastic cup with a spoon frozen into it for a handle – they were the best! My granny was always creative like that.

When I was 16 she began to live for part of the year with my family (and the other 2/3rds with my aunts). She told me often how I would look beautiful even in a brown paper bag. And she never liked it when I cooked vegetables for lunch. But she did love it when I would turn a movie on while ironing and make us olive oil and sea salt popcorn. We could go through two giant mixing bowls full!

I wish my daughter had had the chance to get to know her, but at least they did meet!

After such a month, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the year progresses…for you and for me!

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