Want to Fill Every Day With Beautiful Romance?


Romance. What does that word conjure up for you? Do images of candles, soft music, and flowers flash before your eyes? Maybe thoughts of your last anniversary or plans for the next. Or, do you envision a night out where you get a break from cooking and cleaning up?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every single one of our days could be filled with beautiful romance? Well, I am here to tell you that it can be! Are you interested? Would you like to know how you, too, can satisfy your longings for romance every day? Then read on!

Look For Beauty and Romance in the Everyday

Flowers, chocolates, and nights out are certainly romantic. So are big trips, weekends away, and low-lit bubble baths. But grand events in life – the Instagram worthy happenings – don’t have to be where romance ends. True, satisfying romance happens every day. It might not be gifts of flowers or chocolate, but might rather be found in your husband doing the dishes for you after dinner when you’ve had a long day on your feet. Or that candle-lit bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book.

In French there is a charming word quotidien which means daily. From it we have derived our English version quotidian. (Did you notice how we just changed one letter in English – I adore the history of languages and the derivations of words. How they change, and yet stay the same.) Both the English and the French versions refer to the every day, average, daily occurrences and objects in life. It is here in these every day happenings and objects that we can find true, beautiful romance. True love. You can see it in the elderly couple at the grocery store who must have been married for 60 years and who go out each week to shop together. In your own life, you can find it in all of the little, beautiful actions of love: your husband unloading the car for you, a spontaneous walk just to talk about your days under a crisply blue fall sky. If you look for love and romance in the little things, you will find it.

Be Mindful

Of course, if you are rushing like a madwoman through each day (and I’m far too often guilty of this myself!) you are going to have a hard time paying attention to those special quotidien moments. While we can’t throw out all of our to-dos, meetings, and other important events that we saddle ourselves, we can certainly do something about the stress and the craziness.

For starters, we can pair down our to-do lists. I’ve already written an entire post about that, though, so I won’t go into any more detail about pairing down here. Then, once you have eliminated all of the nonessential, busy-work type tasks, it is time to pay attention. To notice the details. To stop multitasking so you can take in the beautiful moments of romance, such as when your husband comes and finds you just so he can give you a kiss before heading from his home office out to the garage to work on some projects. Soak up these special moments. Relish in the hug you get while doing dishes, and the conversation you have while cooking dinner. For this is what beautiful, daily romance looks like. And it is also what all the other, larger romantic events and outings stem from. So let’s stop being so busy that all we can see is our to-do list in front of us instead of all the beautiful opportunities for romance and love that come our way each day.

Make Your Own Sparkle

Have you ever noticed how romance seems to just bubble up when the sun is shining, the dishes (figuratively or literally) are done, and your heart is bouncing to its own merry tune? When the sun goes behind the clouds, or when the day is long and hard, it is time to make our own romance-encouraging sparkle during the day. Are you worn out running errands with your 1-year-old who desperately needs a nap? Buy yourself some chocolate. Has it been a long day of work, motherhood problem solving, and now housework? You might almost feel too tired to eat, but pour a glass of wine and light the candles on the dining room table anyways. Dance to your favorite tune through the long afternoon of work assignments and ginormous piles of laundry.

Create an environment for beautiful, daily romance to flourish.

Will you purpose right now with me to look for beauty and romance in the quotidien? To savor every moment that comes your way rather than multitasking and rushing? And to create the sparkling atmosphere that romance thrives in? Let’s make this a beautiful week filled with romantic moments!

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