How to Be Incredibly Creative With Just 1 Routine


It’s been a long day. On your feet from the moment you woke up. Running errands, running at work, running to get the house cleaned up and dinner made when you get home. You have one thing left to do: write. But you just don’t feel inspired. Instead, you guiltily flip on the TV.

You just finished writing a fabulous new novel! As a reward you have yourself some time off while the publisher was doing their magic. Now it is time to start something new – publishing is a never ending game. But all you can do is stare at that blank page…. It seems like your week of Netflix and going crazy on the housework didn’t do much for your inspiration.

You’ve been working so hard as of late. You have a project due, you have children to love, and your to-do list is growing longer by the second between work and housework and things you’ve promised to do for numerous other people. When you come to the moments you’ve set aside for yourself to be able to create, you just don’t have the energy.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? With our busy lifestyles, where we are running flat out all day every day for work and family and kids, it can sometimes be hard to actually feel creative. Which kills the lifeblood of anyone who has a career based on creativity. Even if you don’t have a career that is based on your creativity, having your creativity die within you forces you to live a less-than-full life. And that’s not something either of us want.

What is the 1 routine that will keep your creativity alive and revived? A relaxing routine, of course!

But I Don’t Have Time!

I can hear you saying it now: but I am so busy already…I don’t have the time to relax, and then get creative on top of that! Guess what? You don’t have the time to not relax. When you have a personalized relaxing routine, your creativity will flourish. And when your creativity flourishes your productivity spikes as your quality of life also increases.

Do you want your creativity to flourish? Do you want to be able to do more and live better? Then you have to relax.

It is not waisted time to stoke your creative juices.

How Do I Create a Personalized Relaxing Routine?

Okay, so how do I create a personalized relaxing routine? Well, I’m glad you asked! I promise, it’s not complicated. After all, what would be relaxing about a complicated routine?

First, identify what is relaxing to you. What makes you happy? What feels like pure bliss when you get to indulge in it? While I don’t know what those things might be for you, I can tell you what I adore to indulge in: books. Beautiful, decadent, captivating mysteries. (I’ll confess a little something to you here and now: when I was in grade school, I used to spend every out-of-school hour reading…and if I didn’t have a friend to call me outside, I would spend every waking hour reading during the summer too. Or writing.) If I add a little chocolate or some red wine in with my indulgent moments of reading, I am on cloud nine.

So, what do you find relaxing? What simple little pleasure is actually decadently indulgent to you?

Second, you need to create a cocoon of a place for your evening relaxation. Maybe that is a favorite chair in your living room. Or your favorite spot in your bed covered in your softest blanket. Light some softly scented candles. The light and aroma combined have a strong relaxing affect since they please two of your senses at once. Turn off the TV. Select some soft music, or just bask in the quiet.

Third, you must set aside time for your simple relaxing routine. Which means closing down your computer at least an hour before you want to be asleep. (Don’t have a target bedtime yet? It’s a good idea to set one!) Unplug from work. Log out of social media. Let that one last project on your list wait till tomorrow.

Sticking With It

It’s not a routine till you do it over and over…..and over. Research shows that it takes two months or longer to form a new habit. Which is exactly what you want your new relaxing routine to become: a nourishing habit. So don’t give up! Some days it’s going to be very tempting to work even past your bedtime. Other times you’re going to want to just veg on the couch after a draining day. But don’t give in. For you will only feel more worn out the next day. (If you notice, I’m not saying anything against the occasional indulgent movie night, complete with s’mores…..but more on that in another post.) You will start to see the benefits of your new relaxing routine before it even becomes a routine. But to keep those creativity enhancing and life-beautifying benefits coming, make sure you stick with your routine so it can become a habit!

Join me in the journey of relaxation-enhanced creativity. Discover the new beauty that will spring up in your life. Relish your soaring productivity (especially if your work hinges on your creativity!). Make sure you are making the most of every moment!

I would love to know what you find blissfully relaxing and what you are incorporating into your own relaxing routine! Please, please, please leave me a comment below! I would love to start a conversation with you.


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