Peek-Into-My-Life: One Crazy December

November and December have been a couple of crazy months, wouldn’t you agree? For me, they have been incredibly busy yet delightful, filled with Thanksgiving travel, lots of family time, and my daughter learning to walk!

We were out in North Carolina visiting our families for almost a month in total.



Isn’t it gorgeous out there? Every time I go back to visit I am reminded just how much I miss the mountains, and miss the East Coast in general. As a history enthusiast, I am in love with all of the historical homes, houses, and stories out there.

Elaina had an absolute blast with grandparents!


And so did we, as evidenced by the fact I was so busy I only got the above picture of Elaina with my mom – my biggest apologies to the rest of the grandparents!

My mom, however, did capture a precious moment of Elaina and her aunt:


Elaina also had a blast trying to play with the cat while it was on the other side of the window:


All this to say we had a fabulous trip! And I really enjoyed not having any cleaning or cooking to do. Sadly, we had to cut our trip a little short because of a chicken pox scare – I’ve never had it, nor has my daughter, and we thought we might have been exposed to the virus. It has been two weeks since then, though, and I am very thankful to report that we are chicken pox free! (Now you know why its been so eventful and crazy here for me.) If it wasn’t for my amazing husband I would have starved, because I’ve had to quarantine myself and Elaina for the last two weeks. (Chicken pox is weird that way – you can be contagious before you even show symptoms.)

Since we have been home I have been throwing myself into writing while my daughter has been throwing herself into walking. I am pleased to announce that she is officially mobile and that I should have a book coming out in the next couple months! The launch date isn’t set in stone yet, but when it is you will be the first to know! So, stay tuned for some big updates coming soon, plus some pictures of my big house project I’m going to tackle next month.

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