The Best Life Transforming New Year’s Resolution


Just a few days left. But most of your goals aren’t completed! You can hardly breath. There is so much left to get done to expand your business, write your books, lose the weight that you want to lose, start that exercise program… And the list goes on and on. It’s depressing. And stressful. You almost think you won’t make any new goals ever again. But its a habit you can’t break. And after all, yearly goals are a good thing…

As you make your list of yearly personal and business goals, are you looking for something that will transform your life? Take your business to new levels? A goal that will help you achieve all of your other goals?

Then welcome the Creative Lifestyle with open arms!

How Does it Work?

What exactly is the creative lifestyle, you are probably asking. And how does it work?

Let’s start with what the creative lifestyle is. It is, mostly simply put, a life filled with creativity as well as one that feeds creativity. A life filled with inspiration. With beauty. A creative life is one in which you take what is around you and create beauty. In your home, your relationships, and definitely in your work (which is usually based on your creative passions).

How does a creative lifestyle push you to accomplish all of your goals, living an ever more fulfilled life? Well, when you are living a creative lifestyle, you are constantly aware of your surroundings. And what you can do to make them more beautiful. You are aware of how you spend your time and how you can use it wisely, making sure each moment is meaningful. (You even relax meaningfully!) Which means, will all of the “busy work” eliminated from your life you have more time for the work that is near and dear to you – that will actually contribute to your happiness. Plus, while living the creative lifestyle you learn to prioritize and eliminate things from your life that are low on your priority list.

The Biggest Component of a Creative Lifestyle

The biggest component of a creative lifestyle is mindfulness. Mindfulness, as defined by, is “the state or quality of being mindful or aware of something.” Being mindful, daily, means that when you write your to-do list for the day you are aware if you really have time for each activity – if it is worth writing down on your list or if you can eliminate it. It means that when you eat breakfast, you taste every bite. And it means that when you work, you don’t get distracted with movies or Facebook or any other enticing time-eater out there. You focus on the moment. Multitasking as little as possible.

You live with all of your senses tingling with awareness. Which means you are more focused. More motivated. (Which translates into getting things crossed off your list AND accomplishing your goals!) And your life ends up being more fulfilled. If you would like to read more about mindfulness, check out this post here.

Let’s Take the First Step

Are you ready to have your best year yet? Your most productive, goal-achieving, fulfilling year? I know that I am! So, let’s get started. Take the first step with me towards powerful mindfulness. What is the first step towards powerful mindfulness and your most productive, revenue filled, and joy filled year? Good question! The first step to take toward the mindfulness and productivity you long for is to pair down to the essentials.

This really is a two part step, for to truly pair down to the essentials you must first eliminate unnecessary and time-eating tasks and then pair down the tasks that are left in your day down. Let me explain. The first part of pairing down is to eliminate things that have crept into your day that are either not on your to-do list (I bet you don’t have “check Facebook for an hour over lunch” on your to-do list unless you are into social media marketing) or that shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Such as “go shopping” if that means windowing shopping at the mall (or purchasing things at the mall) for two hours that you really don’t have in your day to spare. The next phase of pairing down to the essentials is evaluating what you can spend less time on. When you are especially busy, do you really need to cook that elaborate beef Wellington, or can it wait till a less hectic weekend? Try doing a salad night once a week instead. Do all your errand running in one day so you don’t have to keep using up time going back and forth to the store. Pair each necessary task down to its simplest form.

If you are able to pair your schedule down to the essentials, you will discover that you are rich with minutes you didn’t even know you had to spend on what really matters to you.

Make living the creative lifestyle a priority this year and experience the sweet reward of achieving the rest of your goals while living a fuller, happier life. Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!

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