How to Create the Ideal Creative Space Anywhere


The dishes are drip-drying in the drain tray and the tea kettle is whistling on the stove for afternoon tea. You have to work, so you are letting the laundry lay on the sofa for a little while longer, but the problem is that you can still see it. The dogs are tearing around the house and you have to get up to shove them in the back yard. For the fourth time you sit back down to write. You’re getting nowhere with all of the distractions around you.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Do you work from home, but don’t have a designated space to create? I had the same problem for ages. I would work in bed (or on the bed) some days, and then wonder why I had such a hard time falling asleep at night. Or I would work in the living room all day (and sometimes I have to do that still now, because that is my daughter’s play room) and wonder why I had a hard time shutting off my “work mode” when evening would come. Which is why I needed, and created, a creative space for myself. Even if I can’t always create there and have to work on the sofa while holding my sleeping daughter, I at least have a space for my brain to dump creatively and to mull about and think.

Would you like such a space? A place in which to be creative, and which is only used for such a purpose (unlike the dining room table)? Then read on! For it is completely possible for you to have your own, beautiful creative space no matter where you live or are traveling.

Clear Up The Clutter

You might here this a lot when it comes to your workspace: clear off your desk. Put away those stacks of papers. Straighten your pens. And the list can go on and on. But what if you don’t have a work space, a creative place, yet? What if you feel like you just don’t have the space for such a spot? Well, decluttering can help you then, too! (Even if you already have a tidy house.) This is especially true if you live in a small apartment or are currently traveling so much your hotel room has become your new home.

Do you have a desk already that is being used really as a catch all instead of a desk? Is there a space, even, that you could clear out in your house and reclaim? Move the mail from the counter. Tidy up the bookshelf. You will be surprised where you can find space once you rearrange a few things. Moving the dog bowls to a different spot in our house is what gave me my creative space. (More on that below.)

Find At Least a Little Spot For Yourself

Is there a corner in your kitchen, a breakfast nook even, that is dead space or holding furniture that you don’t really use? Do you have an empty room? Or even a wall that is bare? Reclaim it! In our house we had a space just past the entry way that was empty and just begging for a hall table. Instead of putting said hall table there, though, I turned it into my own creative space! My husband built a beautiful desk for me, and while I don’t always get to create while sitting at my desk, I can at least always use it as my creative brain. While the rest of my life might be a bit chaotic, my desk remains organized, calmly colorful, and full of inspiration for me.

You don’t have to find space for a desk, though, to build the perfect creative space for you. Do you just not have room for a desk? Have a creative armchair with a pillow that inspires you and a throw that gets you in the perfect mood for writing and relaxing. For a while, my creative space was half of a shelf on our living room bookshelf, and once it was even a nightstand. So get creative with where you find your creative space! All you need is a tiny spot that inspires you to make something beautiful.


It doesn’t do to just have a space. It needs to be a space that inspires you! So what is it that inspires you? Color? Artwork? Beautiful notepads? Books? Clean and pristine open space? Choose just a couple elements and incorporate them into your creative space. For generic just won’t cut it when you are dying for some inspiration. And don’t worry, you don’t need to create elaborate vision boards (unless that is your thing) to create an inspirational spot. Nor a space that fits in with the rest of your home, per se. You just need a little space that is beautiful to you, and only you. That is all that matters.

For example, my creative space is my desk. Since it is out in the entryway, it does have to blend with the rest of the style of our house, but that is okay. For our French country/rustic chic style does inspire me. On my desk I have my attractive bullet journal, a lovely robin’s egg blue organizer, my favorite candle, and some pretty notepads in one corner. The rest of my desk, at least most of the time, is clear and open. So, when I look at my creative space, I not only see my perfect environment conducive to writing, but the space in the middle of my desk somehow signals to my brain to clear out the thought-clutter in my head and create mental space, too.

So, what is going to work for you? How are you going to create your own little creative space, no matter how much room you actually have in your house, tiny studio apartment, or hotel room? Get started today – you won’t regret it!

I would love to hear what you are doing to create your own creative space – or how you have developed such a space already! Please, please, please comment below – I can’t wait to get a peak into your creative brain!


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