My Latest Read: Posie Parker Mystery Series

IMG_0088While we were on vacation in Sri Lanka and Thailand, despite how busy the trip was with a 1 year old, I finally got to indulge in some decadent novel reading! Oh, it was so much fun! Since I had to stay in the hotel room once my daughter went to sleep, I would curl up in bed after dinner, when all was blissfully quiet (besides the air conditioning unit), and indulge in a story of adventure and intrigue for an hour or two.

One of the books I read lead me to stumble upon a series that is fast becoming one of my new favorites. Have you ever heard of the Posie Parker mysteries? If not, you are in for a real treat! Written by L B Hathaway, a British born lawyer turned full-time writer, these gems are set in the roaring twenties in London. The spirited protagonist Posie Parker runs a detective agency – a very unusual occupation for a young lady at the time.

When we first meet this spunky heroin, she is struggling to find cases, trying to keep warm during a blustery London winter. Until a friend of her (deceased) family is accused of murder. While said friend digs himself deeper and deeper into trouble, or so it seems, Posie works tirelessly to prove his innocence. And to recover a cursed diamond stolen from him that has led to a string of murders. Between falling in love, being watched by a person unknown, and doing a little matchmaking, Miss Parker has a more than exciting schedule.

The next time we run into her in The Tomb of the Honey Bee, Posie takes us on a glittering adventure through the south of France, an old and storied piece of Italy, and then Egypt where we end up in the Valley of the Kings. Murder, passion, and unexpected plot twists abound.

The entire series is delightful, and each book can be read as a stand alone indulgence. However, I would definitely recommend reading the series in order. Small but intriguing subplots will all fall into place that way and enhance your reader experience. You can find the first book – Murder Off Stage – here.

I know what I am planning on indulging in this weekend, curling up in bed before falling asleep on these now chilly and early nights, watching my sleeping daughter on the baby monitor while reading a delicious book. What will you be reading?


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