5 Top Ways To Use Your Creativity to Create a Better Life


Are you a creative person at work? Do you find yourself overflowing with ideas, imagination, and inspiration? And then you come home, or close your computer, and you settle into a bland routine. A routine you’d like to spice up. Infuse fun and play into. Well, guess what? That same creativity you use in your work life can transform your personal life.

Not sure how to take that creativity from one part of your life to another? Never fear! Here are the top five ways to take that amazing imagination you use in your creative work life and use it to transform your personal life.

1). Begin By Looking At Your Life Through New Eyes

It can be easy to just be used to the same old same old. To be comfortable in your routine. You know you want to spice up your life a little, add some spontaneity to your routine, but you are so used to looking at your personal life that it is easy to miss the ways that you can spice up your day. For example: It’s become a habit to stop work, turn on the tv, and just let your brain veg out while you make dinner and maybe while you even eat. This habit started out with a series of really hard days at work where you really did need a mental break for a while. Which is all well and good. But now it is draining the life out of your personal life. It is such a habit, though, you don’t even think about what adverse effects it might be having on you. You just subconsciously feel the draining effects of this habit. So look at your personal life with the fresh eyes you bring to your creative work every day. What can you change?

2). Spice Up Your Routines

Now that you’ve discovered the routines that are dragging the creativity and spice out of your life, it’s time to decide how to shake them up. What is it time to just get rid of? Maybe that tv evening routine? Or the going to bed too late routine? And what instead needs to be tweaked. Maybe you have a great workout routine that is keeping you healthy and fit. But you are bored with it. So try something new! Use your imagination. Make up your own new routine or join a class. I joined three weekly yoga classes this summer, and since they are all taught by different teachers, they never get boring!

3). Try Something New

Such as a new workout routine. Or pick up a new hobby. Have you always wanted to brush up on your culinary skills? Or maybe try mountain biking? Then do it! You don’t have to climb Everest or jump out of a plane to try something new (unless you want to, of course!). Use baby steps. And your imagination. For example, if you are a super busy mom who loves cooking but doesn’t have the time to take a cooking class to expand your skills, take one night a week to try a new recipe that challenges you. Even finding a new route to work (or the grocery store) can spice up your life a bit.

4). Get Creative With Relaxing

That’s right! Spice up your life with something new to help you relax. Turn off the tv and pick up a new book. Try a new author. Find a new hobby. Go get a massage. (Now doesn’t that just sound heavenly?) You will feel more relaxed if you get creative with your down time instead of vegging out.

5). Hone in on Your Romantic Life

Now, this can definitely spice up your life! No matter how much romance and love you already have in your life, you could always use more, right? If you use your creativity to spice up your romantic life, you will definitely be creating a better life for yourself. A life filled with more fun and delight. You can check out my blog post here if you would like some tips for how to focus on infusing your romantic life with some of your creativity. Ideas such as living in the moment. Being open to romantic moments and romantic inspiration. Not putting romance on the back burner no matter how busy you are!

Are you ready to use your innate creativity and imagination to make your life even better and more beautiful than it is now? Then start today! This moment. Just do it. And if you liked this blog post please share it with your friends and followers via the social media buttons below. Help me make the world a more beautiful place!


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