Want to Know Why I Do What I Do?

Look around you. At your own self, even. What do you see? Stress? People who are burnt out, working longer than they want to (and longer than they should be working), and who have less and less time for the people and the activities that they love. This is especially true when it comes to women. Women are constantly juggling family (including young children), work, and their own interests while attempting to make it look effortless. This is no easy task.

Everyone is looking for an escape. And even more than that, everyone is looking for a solution so that they can live out their passions.

Which is where I come in.

I lead a hectic life too. Balance is a constant, ongoing battle. Just like it is for you. But I have a secret weapon: the creative life. My creative life.

While I can’t always get out, travel the world, and have the tantalizing adventures that I always long to have, I CAN read about it. And write about it. My books provide the intriguing escape that I long for, and that you do too. My mysteries let us travel the world together, diving into mysteries with fascinating roots in the past, from the comfort of our couches. Or beds.

Not only do I write books that allow us to venture into a whole other world, I let you in on my secret to throwing the hectic out of my day and living a fulfilling, creative lifestyle. Because I wan’t you to be able to live your dream life while you pursue your passions. Every day.

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