I’m Back From Vacation!

We just got back from our vacation yesterday morning – were we ever exhausted. Traveling with a 1-year-old is so much more tiring than traveling alone. Think, singing the same song over and over for a couple of hours straight. Every day. Whether you are touring Thai temples or just walking the beach to try to just let your husband finish eating dinner. Still, though, it was a most rewarding trip! And managed to feel like a vacation even though we were constantly busy.

Traveling with my husband and daughter to these exotic places I had been to before, made me see familiar sights with new eyes. For example, I had never noticed so many dogs – healthy dogs, even – in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

It was such a fabulous, beautiful trip that I can’t restrain myself from sharing a few snippets of it with you! So, while I will attempt to keep the pictures to a minimum, here are the few I can’t help but share.

We started off our trip in Sri Lanka – it was stunningly beautiful there. Most of our time we spent on the beach. As you can see.

After Sri Lanka we flew to Thailand, speninding two days in Pattaya and then two in Bangkok.

While in Bangkok we took this fabulous boat to treat our daughter to a high tea for her 1-year birthday!

Now that we’re back home and diving into work once again, it’s time to remember how to relax in the midst of a crazy busy schedule. How are you giving yourself “vacation moments” each and every day? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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