5 Ways A Creative Life Leads to a More Romantic Life: Part 5


The soothing croonings of Frank Sinatra waft over the stereo. Candles cast a soft light over the room, and the face of the love of your life. Your husband picked up the roses that are in the middle of the table on his way home from work. Dessert is up next, and it consists of chocolate soufflé.

Is this what romance looks like to you? When you think of a romantic day, or evening, does a big event pop into your head, or is it just a little something, such as reading in bed with candles lit, that pops into your imagination? While that last anniversary dinner out was definitely romantic, it is not the big events that make up a romantic life. It is the little moments that create romance daily, and daily romance that creates a romantic life. It is extremely hard to successfully have a life filled with beautiful romance without being creative. Sometimes very creative.

Would you like to lead a more romance-filled life? If you’re anything like me, with a crazy busy schedule that you hone in on with laser like focus, your answer is yes. Because you feel your drive, commitment, and work-ethic sometimes (or more than sometimes) gets in the way of romance.

You can’t successfully have a life filled with beautiful romance without being creative.

But, as you mindfully live a more and more creative life you will notice a delightfully surprising side effect: your creative life will produce a more romantic life. 

Want to know how? Here are the top 5 ways living a creative life will lead to you living a more romance filled life.

1). Living A Creative Life Means You Will Be More Perceptive

Because, as a creative writer (or, as someone just living a creative life) you pay attention to the details in your work. It is the details that make a successful book – a fascinating book – after all. (After you have a good plot and all, of course.) It is the details that make your novels come alive.

And it is the same for your marriage. Just how does your husband like his coffee in the morning? Does he like any conversation before hand, or does he need silence until the first cup or so is drunk? Just imagine how loved your husband will feel when you bring him coffee in bed! Or when you remember his favorite meal and make it for him, and serve it with his favorite drink. And when you notice just what variation of mood he is in so that you can determine if it is a good time for that long monologue or not. Understanding your husband, and making him feel loved and understood, is the first step to living a romance filled life!

2). You Will Be More Spontaneous

Living a creative life means that you cultivate spontaneity. After all, when creativity strikes you have to take advantage of it in your work! Otherwise you would lose all of those brilliant ideas. Plus, if you are a mom, you understand the importance of seizing moments to work and create when the opportunities present themselves. And so it is in romance. With our extremely busy lives, and everything in our lives and schedules that can get in the way of romance, we have to seize the moments for romance that present themselves to us. You have a project due but you husband has a moment to gaze at the sunset? Then gaze at the sunset with him. You get the idea! Seize opportunities!

3). You Will Be More, Well, Creative!

This one is rather obvious. Let your creativity in work transfer over into your personal life! It’s a busy week and romance is lacking? Turn the lights down low, light candles, and create a romantic dinner. After all, you have to eat, don’t you? Or get creative with your scheduling, making a date out of coffee and the sunrise, or out of walking the dogs. With a robust creative routine – a robust creative imagination – you can find a way to insert romance into your day no matter your limitations. Trying to save money? Making dinner together, sharing laughs and some wine, and eating by candle light makes for a lovely date night! Short on time? Wake up even 10 minutes earlier so you have a moment to talk over your last cup of coffee before you head out for work.

No matter what your limitations, getting creative with your schedule, your date nights, and just every day life will definitely up the romance in your life!

4). You Will Better Be Able to Live in the Moment

That’s right! Because, to be truly creative, taking in writing inspiration wherever you go, you have to be mindful. Which means you have to notice all of the little things – you have to live in the moment. You have to take time to think. To plan. To observe. To enjoy. All of these are the qualities that keep romance alive and well in any relationship.

After all, only half listening to your husband tell you aboud his day while you make dinner does not promote romance. Giving him your full attention, however, does. Don’t try to multitask your romantic life. It doesn’t work. However, if you are mindful – if you are practiced in living in the moment – with your creative work, then you are well on your way to living a life full of romance!

5). You Will Be More Open to Romance

Living a creative life – creatively writing – means always being open to inspiration! You might find it in a sunset, or in your next vacation. In the way the people are arguing at the table next to you at dinner the next time you go out. When you are used to being open to inspiration, you will be more able to be open to romance. That’s right. Even as women who, we like to think, are always open to romance and romantic opportunities, you and I both know that sometimes, life just gets too busy. We get too focused on work, on the daily running of family life. And while we long for romance, the timing of that next long conversation you had been longing for might just be all wrong. Or so you think. But if we want to cultivate romance, we have to be open to the love of our life’s timing for said romance.

Romance is the spice of life. The color in the sunset. The beat in the music. It’s essential to life. But sometimes it is easy to gloss over and forget. Don’t let that happen! Instead, get creative.

Are you ready to practice a little creative romance with me? Then close your computer and get to it. I know that’s what I’m going to do right now.

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