5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About My Creative Routine


Shocking, I know! I actually have a creative routine. Not that I have a lot of time, or that I have a complicated routine. But it (usually) sees me through the day. And helps me get the job done. Maybe at some other time, when I think my creative routine is more interesting to people other than myself, I’ll actually detail it here. But, for now, I’ll just give you some of the highlights that you might never have guessed…especially if you know me.

1). I Am Not Usually Creative First Thing in the Morning

Can you believe it? Even though I am a morning person. Especially if I get sleep the night before. I adored waking up early in college. Without turning any lights on, I would sit by the fire and study. And enjoy the quiet. Now that I’m “all grown up” I still love the early mornings, when they are quiet. Usually, though, my daughter wakes up at the same time as I do. So, I use my mornings to collect myself, wake up, and enjoy my daughter’s sweet morning smiles.

2). Quiet is My Jam

Though it didn’t used to be. Yes, I was the person in college who put on the crazy music and danced while (literally, once) balancing a textbook on my head and studying. When I first started my freelance career, I carried those same habits with me. Though I found I was becoming less and less productive. Now, especially after the birth of my daughter when I have absolutely no time to spare, I work to quiet. Whenever possible, that is. With a 10 month old, there is only ever quiet when she is asleep (or getting into trouble).

3). I Don’t Know How to Do Rough Drafts

True rough drafts, that is, though I do definitely do more than line edits of my novels. I find that overthinking creativity takes the beauty out of the finished product. When I write something, whether it is a blog post, a course, or a novel, the core is there when I am finished with my first draft. Blog posts only get checked over for spelling and punctuation, novels get a little bit of a more in-depth edit where I will creatively change some things around, and as for courses, well, I haven’t gotten to the editing portion of those yet.

4). I Do My Best Creative Work by Hand

Oh, sure, I am writing this post on my Mac, wearing my Apple watch, and have my iPhone right next to me at all times. And I do all my editing on my laptop. But when it comes down to truly crafting a creative work, such as a novel, there is something magical about putting an actual pen to a beautiful notebook. It just makes me think differently. The words just flow. (I might be wanting you to try the same thing….it really is a lovely creative act!)

5). I Have to Have an Inspirational “Spot”

Now, that doesn’t mean I have an actual office right now. However, I have a beautiful desk that my husband built for me, and I have a special shelf on the bookshelf just for things that inspire me. Even though I usually end up writing on the living room sofa while I hold my daughter as she naps. But I still have that inspirational spot in the house where things don’t get moved around and I have my favorite magazine, books, and other beautiful and inspirational items. It is a space for my brain to think about nothing other than my creative projects whenever I look at that space.

What’s your creative routine like? I’d love to know about it! After all, routines (mine included!) grow and morph. They are meant to change with our changing lives. Your’s just might inspire me to shake mine up a bit.


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