What to Do When it All Goes Wrong With Your Day


It’s noon and the only thing you’ve done is gotten ready for the day and gotten everyone fed, not even including yourself.

You started off your day beautifully, with an energizing morning routine, a workout, and going over your to-do list. Then the meaningless and rote tasks started piling up. And you either couldn’t say no, or you didn’t say no. And now you haven’t been able to get anything done on your own list of important goals that you had to reach.

The day just hasn’t been going right from the start, all because of the little things. Such as the weather. And then you spilled coffee on your shirt right after you got out on the freeway. You get home after a long day of work, your kids are in a stink, and you end up fighting with your husband over the most ridiculous of things.

Does this sound familiar? Well, don’t worry. I am here to help with my own “secret” 3 tips to handling a day gone wrong like a French woman.


It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Just stop. Put down your pen. Close the lid of your laptop for a second. Turn off your phone. Silence your smart watch. Turn the tv or the music off.

Cut out the numerous sources of sensory noise that are barraging you. Sometimes it is simply the noise of life that is driving you insane.

Take a Moment

BREATH. In. Out. In. Out.

Try to clear your mind of all the little distracting, intruding thoughts that are putting you on edge and pushing your day over the cliff of awfulness. Don’t think about what just went wrong. Don’t think about what you need to do next, or what you probably won’t get done today. Instead, take a moment just for your self. You can think of it as a Spa Moment. A few seconds (or minutes, or a half hour) just for you. No work and no stress involved.

Put something positive into your mind. A positive thought. One bright and beautiful thing from your day. Savor a second of sunshine, or of cool rain. Put on your favorite piece of music. Open your favorite magazine. Close your eyes and really taste all the subtleties of a piece of chocolate. Go into your closet and savor silence. Mediate. What ever it is that uplifts you, do it. Even just for 3-5 minutes. It will refresh you, body and soul, beginning the process of turning your day around.


Now that you have put your day on pause for a few minutes so that you could take a moment for yourself and breath, thinking about good and beautiful things, it is time to do some rethinking. Namely, thinking over your day and identifying what it was that pushed your day over the cliff of awfulness. And deciding what you need to do about it.

Do you need to rethink, and rework, your schedule? What can you cut out of your day, to simplify it? I asked myself these questions recently. And after a bit of thinking of my own, I decided on my top three things I could remove from my life to simplify it: pumping absolutely every morning (umhm…the struggles of a still-breastfeeding mother), taking the time to schedule so many Twitter posts every day, and making elaborate meals during the week (I am thankful that my husband is perfectly happy with chicken caesar salad and meat-and-potatoes every week). What are your top three things you can do to simplify your day?

Maybe simplifying your day isn’t the biggest solution for you. Instead, maybe you need to create a new restorative routine for yourself – I couldn’t keep up my hot yoga classes last week because I was sick, and noticed that a lot more went wrong with my days than when I was able to take that hour for myself 3 times a week.

Of course, you might need to rethink more than your day – weekly, and even monthly, routines and schedules are excellent ways to streamline your life and make more time for yourself, your family, and the things that rejuvenate you. For example, I have a day a week for writing and scheduling my blog posts, some of my Facebook posts, and for creating a menu (along with weekly goals). I also have one day a week entirely devoted to family and taking care of my spiritual life. For, there are times during the week when you just can’t take care of yourself (or spend time with you family) like you should. Having a day a week for such things helps even out the scales.

So, when your day starts running away from you down-hill, don’t push through. You’ll end up in a mud pit. Instead, stop, take a moment to refresh yourself, and then rethink your personal and professional schedules and routines. Always remember: tomorrow is a new day.


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