My Latest Read: She Takes on the World


Finally, I finished this exciting and informative read! It took me a couple months, sadly – if I’d had my way I would have read it in a weekend. But, with a new baby this year, life has become a whole new (and exciting!) adventure. One that doesn’t allow for nearly as much reading as I wish.

Now, I don’t share all the books here in my blog that I read. But this one was special. And since I think you might fall for it as much as I did, I thought I would tell you a bit about it today. So, settle into your favorite arm-chair (or hammock), and let me whet your appetite.

What I Learned

Natalie MacNeil proposes that women, especially women entrepreneurs, can change the world now like never before. In her book, she goes on to show you just how you can do that while living out your dreams, specifically, while realizing your dream career. A career that leaves you feeling fulfilled, working for yourself, and leaving a positive impact on the world around you. She describes her book as, “a guide to being your own boss, working happy, and living on purpose.” And I came away from reading it feeling as if I could do just that. (And having the tools to do just that, too.)

My biggest take-away from She Takes on the World was Natalie’s method of big picture goal setting. It is so easy to have a hazy, somewhat defined goal that we eventually want to achieve, especial as mother’s working from home as entrepreneurs. With her method of setting five big picture goals for the year, and then creating five milestones or actionable steps to reach said goals, you have the path towards your dreams clearly marked out for you.

Why You Should Read It

Maybe you are great at setting goals, but you are having trouble defining your niche, your brand, or even your passion. Natalie has chapters on it all for you.

At the end of most chapters there is an exercise that will help you create, at the end of the book, your MAP. (Which stands for Master Action Plan.) Personally, as a busy mom working from home (and starting an entirely different career from my current day job at home, too), I found this particularly helpful. For, with a million and one things sliding through my brain at any given minute, I am bound to forget an important piece of any puzzle if it is not written down. With my MAP, there’s no fear that I will have read She Takes on the World in vain, unable to implement what I learned because I forgot the specifics of how I had defined my niche market or my brand’s story.

What’s Next

For me, what is next is implement my MAP and living my dreams. And I hope this can be next for you too! If I have wetted your appetite at all, go ahead and take a look at Natalie’s amazing website over here.

Here’s to us maximizing our time today and living the life of our dreams!

(As a disclaimer, I wrote this blog post with my squirming, talking, 10-month old lolling about in my lap as I sat on the floor with her. So I hope it is as thorough and mistake-free as I intended it to be.)


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