How to Reclaim that Delightful Joie de Vivre of Your Dreams


Each day passes, leaving you feeling drained. It feels like you are doing the same tasks, over and over again, never getting ahead. You have stopped delighting in the little things in life.

Does this sound like you at all? If so, you’ve lost your joie de vivre.

Adulthood shouldn’t be all work and no play! The end of childhood is not when the fun should stop! Enjoying life, being silly even, is not only fun. It is necessary. Yes, even as an adult. For taking advantage of the moments you stumble across to live life to the fullest, holding nothing back, can enhance every other area of your life. Especially your creativity and writing. After all, you need to live to be able to write.

If you feel like you have lost your ability to enjoy life – that joie de vivre – don’t worry. There is a way to get it back.

Do One Thing

Your schedule might be crazy. You might only be able to complete half of the things on your to-do list. But you need to do one thing for yourself. You have to make the time. Or you will lose the joy of living.

Every day. In the morning. The evening. And during the day. All three of those times, if you can! If that won’t work for you (and, really, who has that much time for themselves, especially if you are a mompreneur?), then pick at least one of those times. Just for yourself. Do something frivolous. Don’t work. Don’t plan your next blog post, your next book, or your next day’s to-do list. Just be completely and utterly frivolous. Read a novel. Bake a batch of cookies. Take a bubble bath. Your little personal moment doesn’t have to be long. But it should definitely be indulgent.

Surprisingly (or not, if you know me!) I have a really hard time with this. I’m constantly working, always trying to cram one more thing into my day, and I often consider writing a blog post or my next novel as indulgent. Don’t get me wrong – it feels like an indulgence to blog or write my novel. However, it doesn’t feed me, or you, as true indulgence does. And it won’t help us recapture our joie de vivre the way we need to recapture it. You can burnout working even if you are doing the things you love.

Learn to Say No

If you are going to be able to take time for yourself, and if you are going to be able to recapture your joie de vivre, you need space. That’s right. Space to breath. Space to think. Space to be open to, and take advantage of, opportunities that come your way. Which means you need to make time.

Really, though, how can we make time? If you are like me, you already do everything as quickly as possible so you can have time in your schedule for everything in your schedule. The answer isn’t going through your day faster. Instead, the answer is learning to say no. Say no to the things that don’t really matter to you so that you can say yes to the things that do matter to you! For me, this comes in the form of saying no to extra work commitments, saying no to complicated meals during the middle of the week, and saying no to anything that will take away my evenings with my husband and daughter.

Be Open to Opportunities

This is the last big step towards reclaiming your joie de vivre! Are you excited? I am! Being open to opportunities is what brings the excitement back into life. Think, a spontaneous ice cream date with your husband. A tickle session right in the middle of work hours with your daughter. Be open to moments that just ask for weird jokes to be made. Make fun of a TV show. Laugh. Be silly.

Enjoy the little things. The every day things. Make your schedule, but be open to change and opportunities. Learn to say no to the things that interfere with what is truly important in your life. And indulge in at least one frivolous thing for yourself each day.

Join me in reclaiming your joie de vivre!


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