Just a Quick Thought for Your Monday: Baby Moments


How’s your Monday going? Is it busy, even though it is Labor Day? I know mine is! My life seems like it always is crazy, sometimes even spinning out of my controle like an astroid on its way to burn up through the earth’s atmosphere. Today has been made extra busy by the fact that my baby hasn’t napped and I had an unexpected project come up with my freelance gig. And I’m still recovering from the horrible food poisining I had this week.

Which is why it is especially important to me today to remember to savor the little, sweet moments. The baby moments. To that effect, I would like to share a poem with you that popped into my head yesterday:

Baby Moments

The clock stands still upon the wall,

But time marches on.

The busy days creep by too slow,

But the years are too quickly done.

My baby’s hair can almost fit a bow;

She’s lived in two houses already.

I say one day that I’ll take it slow,

But really, how can I?

Then my daughter gazes in wonder at me,

And I decide the laundry can lie.

For these beautiful moments pass too quickly,

When we are the world in our daughter’s eyes.


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