Taking Care of Yourself – Just How Important is It?


It is so easy to get by with “just enough” when it comes to taking care of ourselves. And in the short term, it can seem like such a win! We get more time for all the other things we need to accomplish in our busy days as wives, mothers, and professionals, while still presenting a (mostly) polished face to the world.

However, as the the days pass, maybe even a few weeks go by, you will start to notice the negative side affects: you wake up dreading the day to come. You find it hard to breath from the mounting stress that you haven’t had a break from. Even the smallest inconvenience or problem makes you feel like the world is ending. NOW you know that you need to do something. And that something is taking care of yourself. Your creative, inner self, especially. How do you do this? Well, read on!

I Have So Much To Do – Do I Really Have Time For Myself?

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is: if you don’t make time for yourself, deciding what is really important and just saying “no” to the rest, then soon you are no longer going to have anything left to give. That’s right. If you don’t nourish your creative self – that inner part of you from which you draw ideas, solutions, and energy – and your spirit, then you will no longer have energy, love, or even patience to give to your family, your bosses and co-workers, your work itself, and your friends.

Deciding What is Really Important

What is important to you? Your family? Your job? Your health? Your home? Your friends? Take a moment and make a list, mentally or physically, of just what matters most to you.

Now that we have established that taking care of yourself is important, I hope that you – your health, your creative energy, your inner spirit – made the list somewhere. If not at the top at least close to the top! What else is important to you?

Making Time

Now that you have decided what is really important to you (remember, the key word here is important) you have taken the first step towards making time for yourself. That’s right! For, since you can’t actually create more time out of thin air, you have to prioritize the things that take up your time. What can you shift around so that you have some moments before everyone is up in the morning for “you” time? Or maybe you can make simpler meals so that you can have a little bit of time in the afternoon to read a chapter in that book or look at that beautiful magazine. Get creative with your schedule!

Whatever it takes, just make sure that you take time of yourself. I promise, it’s not selfish of you. In fact, everyone, and everything, in your life will thank you!


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