Do you long to help your children develop a love of travel and understand from an early age that there are other, beautiful, cultures all around the world with so many exciting things to offer?

Are you longing for an adventure yourself that makes your fingertips tingle and makes you shudder with delight? Looking for a life filled with mystery, packed with the romantic intrigue of travel, and infused with love? But you are too busy with, and too tired from, raising your strong willed child to indulge in the travel your soul is starving for?

Well, I have the adventures, and solutions, that you are longing for.

Welcome to my world! Or a little piece of it, at least. Please take your time to browse my blog filled with tricks for raising your strong willed child while maintaining your sanity and even indulging in travel. And then pop on over to check out my adult books that will take you on adventures unparalleled right from the rejuvenating comfort of your own bed. Before picking out on of my charming children’s books that will open your child’s eyes to the myriad beauty of other cultures around the world (while helping your kids learn where such countries as Sri Lanka and France are in relation to each other!). And please, leave lots of comments! I love getting to know my readers.